Monday, September 7, 2009

Houndstooth. . .

pink and white houndstooth?

Yes, a special stool to match my latest dressing table/dresser! The stool has been covered with a pink & white houndstooth seat and a green and pink polka dot skirt. The seat is corded in the houndstooth fabric.

The stool is available at On The Square Antiques for $32.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Opposites attract. . .

Ebony & Ivory. . .

whatever you want to call this, I have finished two dressers/dressing tables--one black (of course) and distressed and the other white and pink (!).

This wonderful Art Deco style dressing table still has its perfectly round mirror! I painted it black and distressed the finish--it is perfect! The dressing table (complete with mirror) is available at On The Square Antiques for $135. The matching stool/bench with upholstered top is available for $28.

And then there was. . .

white and pink! A precious 1940's style dressing table with a delightful curved mirror!

The dresser has been painted white--accented with pink, distressed and then dry brushed with an eggshell tone paint!
Drawer pulls are a creamy white with a tiny rosebud design!

Dressing table is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL for $125. Don't miss the Lucite mirror tray and Lucite hand mirror! They are real finds!
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