Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Easter/Birthday!

to our great niece. . .

The cute lime green bag has been decorated with gerber blooms and filled with an Easter chick, vintage necklace, marbles, note pad and extra surprise.

Hope you enjoy it Melissa!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Art Deco. . .

meets shabby chic. . . meets anthropologie. . .

This waterfall style dresser has been painted white and distressed. A variety of drawer pulls changes the look from simple shabby chic to an anthropologie style! The antique mirror completes the look. . .the perfect combination.

Dresser is available at Troy Antiques for $78; antique mirror, $30.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Terra Cotta Open House. . .

Just a sneak peak into my talk "Antiques in the Garden".
This vintage planter has been transformed into a wonderful centerpiece or candleholder. A wine glass, to hold the candle, has been "planted" with the flowers! Creeping phlox was added around the glass.
Hopefully, I will post notes from my talk along with photos.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the black. . .

of the bumblebee. . .

In yesterday's post I mentioned that my shop window will have the "colors of a bumblebee". . .yellow of the desk and black of this sideboard.

This is a simple piece of furniture is the "black" in the window . . .first a dresser/chest of drawers, this chest can transform into a buffet or sideboard, foyer table, behind-the-sofa table, television stand, or back to a dresser.

This piece has been painted and distressed and has just a hint of red peaking through the distressing. Available at Troy Antiques for $74.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what more can I say. . .

this is yellow. . .

This set is the beginning of my "bumblebee window". . .I have plans for the showcase window at the antique shop. . .furniture and accessories in yellow and black. . .just like a bumblebee!

The small student desk has been painted to match the "found" rattan headboard. Add a mirror to the desk and it easily becomes a dressing table. The look is finished off with a black wrought iron chair/low-back stool that has been upholstered in a gray and yellow graphic print.

All pieces are available at Troy Antiques: stool, $28; desk, $52; headboard, $42.

Monday, March 15, 2010

a tale. . .

of two chairs. . .

The weekend brought "spring fever" and I finished several projects--sewing and painting (more of this later). The two chairs/stools are entirely different. Both are wrought iron and have covered cushions. The white low-backed stool is finished with a pink and green patchwork/crazy quilt cover. The center is accented with a covered button featuring pink roses.

The black low-backed stool features a gray and yellow graphic print. This stool will co-ordinate with my latest painting project. . .stay tuned!

Both chairs/stools are available at Troy Antiques.. .White chair, $32; black chair, $28.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring forward. . .

it's that time of year. . .set the clocks ahead. . .and know that Spring is here!

Painting in the Winter is difficult at best. . .always having to choose the warmest days and the sunny days. . .now I just pick a day and have fun with the furniture!
This small side table has been painted and distressed a creamy white. Its small size makes it perfect next to a chair or even in a small foyer. Available at Troy Antiques for $28.
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