Monday, November 16, 2009

Before. . .

just a chair, a stack of fabric, and the cushion to cover. . .

and After. . .

The fabric was stitched into a crazy quilt and the cushion was padded and covered with the new pieced fabric. The fabric used included a leopard print, velveteen, black & white toile, a bronze silk and a palm print with a wonderful retro feel.

The chair will make a great bedroom, desk, or living room chair. The chair is already on its way to someone's Christmas tree--a great surprise!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Refurbished art deco. . .

This wonderful 1940's waterfall style dresser was literally in pieces when I found it. (I really regret not taking a "before" photo!)

After reassembling the drawers, I sanded, painted and distressed. I was fortunate to find a simple round mirror at a Montgomery estate sale and this completed the set.

Available now at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL--it's a bargain at $78 (including the mirror!).

Our open house is November 20-22, Friday and Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 1-5 pm. Stop by and shop with us and sample our homemade goodies on Sunday! We are all great cooks!

Hit or miss. . .

a different direction!

I thought I would share this project with you. A customer's swing was in bad need of repair--the frame was perfect, however, the seats were falling apart. The solution: a slipcover for the swing.

The slipcover is actually two sections and they simply tie onto the swing. A small throw pillow adds a comfy accent.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rolling along. . .

a wardrobe on wheels!

What more could you want--a portable closet--a wardrobe on wheels! This mini wardrobe is actually just a scaled down version of a typical antique wardrobe. It is cedar lined and has a rod for hanging coats. It has been painted black and distressed.

This portable closet would be perfect in a "mud room" or maybe a child's room to store baseball or other sports gear and uniforms. It is available at On The Square Antiques for only $42!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cinderella table. . .

pulled from the trash with holes drilled into the top (and why may I ask?) the table has been transformed.

Changing into a precious chic shabby dressing table or even a foyer table

On display now at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL It is a steal at $38!

moving on. . .

a three piece set!
This wonderful furniture has already moved on to a
permanent home. The furniture was painted a sage green
then dry brushed with a creamy white. The set probably dates from the 1940's.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goldilocks. . .

and one special bear!

Introducing a new "Sweet Peas" Bear--this one sewn from vintage linens--scraps of vintage tablecloths, dresser scarves, and bits and pieces of lace.

Shown relaxing in a pretty pink rocker, the bear and rocker are available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL for $50 and $22 respectively.

the new black. . .

isn't totally black!
Why would I want anything to be "normal"? This wonderful desk/sideboard was salvaged from (literally) the trash pile! Mostly cherry red, but with 2 solid white drawers, the desk became mine.
I dry brushed it with black leaving red peaking through. It would be perfect for a television stand or sideboard. At $68 it's a steal!
Available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL

Monday, September 7, 2009

Houndstooth. . .

pink and white houndstooth?

Yes, a special stool to match my latest dressing table/dresser! The stool has been covered with a pink & white houndstooth seat and a green and pink polka dot skirt. The seat is corded in the houndstooth fabric.

The stool is available at On The Square Antiques for $32.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Opposites attract. . .

Ebony & Ivory. . .

whatever you want to call this, I have finished two dressers/dressing tables--one black (of course) and distressed and the other white and pink (!).

This wonderful Art Deco style dressing table still has its perfectly round mirror! I painted it black and distressed the finish--it is perfect! The dressing table (complete with mirror) is available at On The Square Antiques for $135. The matching stool/bench with upholstered top is available for $28.

And then there was. . .

white and pink! A precious 1940's style dressing table with a delightful curved mirror!

The dresser has been painted white--accented with pink, distressed and then dry brushed with an eggshell tone paint!
Drawer pulls are a creamy white with a tiny rosebud design!

Dressing table is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL for $125. Don't miss the Lucite mirror tray and Lucite hand mirror! They are real finds!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Who would have thought. . .

that a chair like this could be patio furniture?

This cute chair has already had one life as a patio chair in Florida--but after two years on a balcony, the rust was too much to bear. The restoration began and was finished today!

With it's bright green "Lilly-ish" print, the chair is ready to take on the Florida climate again!

The chair should arrive by noon tomorrow--going home to Sweet Home Wherever!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Black & white. . .

and toile all over!
This wicker set is my latest addition to my window at the antique shop! The cushions are covered in a black cotton fabric and the throw pillows are a classic black and white toile.

All pieces are available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL, for $48/rocking chair, $78/settee, $22/elephant table.

Relax. . .

in pink & green heaven!

This precious wrought iron chaise lounge is perfect for a very young child or a special doll! The cushions are lime green with hot pink polka dots! Too cute!
This item is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL for $78.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here we go. . .


This 4 drawer chest of drawers has a slight mid century modern feel with it's slanted feet. The chest has been painted an antique brown and dry brushed with black (of course!).

The chest is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL for $78.

A dress. . .

or four!
I have added four more infant/children dresses to my "Sweet Pease" line. All are hand-sewn from vintage linens--tablecloths or pillowcases. The dresses pictured feature pulled thread, embroidery, and hem stitching.

All are available at On The Square Antiques, TroyAL for $35.

Monday, August 17, 2009

all things. . .

fresh and re-purposed!

This weekend has been productive--a freshly painted chandelier, a chair re-covered, and a dressing table painted and refreshed!

The chandelier was stripped of all wiring and painted black--wonderfully chic--and for those less bold--a great Halloween accent! I can't wait to hang it in the shop!
All items are available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL, chair, $32; chandelier, $18; dressing table, $110.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Changing directions. . .

How outdated is a wooden vallet?
This vallet has taken on a new, more glamorous life to become a jewelry keeper/display.

I painted the piece white, dry brushed it sage green, and distressed it for a time worn look. It is precious and a steal at $28. It is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A bench a day. . .

keeps the worries away!

I found this precious bench last week--it had sad upholstery and was begging for a re-do!

Naturally, I painted (black, of course), distressed, and upholstered the bench in a crisp black and white toile. Adding a throw pillow finished the look.

The bench is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL for $62.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yellow fever. . .

the latest addition!

This vintage dresser has been painted white, dry brushed with yellow and a glaze added. Oh, and it was also distressed. Now why did I use yellow? Maybe so that this piece would coordinate with the petite yellow table and the display at the shop would be perfect.

Regardless, this dresser is available at One The Square Antiques, Troy for $78.

Entirely different. . .

yellow, of all colors!

This petite dresser/nightstand/table is perfect for so many things!It has been painted yellow and distressed.

The dressing table chair has been re-upholstered in a yellow and gray (yes, I know it looks purple) graphic print. They make a perfect combination!

Both chair and table are available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL for $32 for the table and $28 for the chair.

Serving Piece. . .

A Vintage Buffet
When I found this vintage buffet, it was structurally sound but badly in need of new paint--of course I chose black. In my classic style, it has been painted and distressed.
To me, a buffet is the perfect/classic piece of furniture every home needs.
This buffet is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL for $108.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Too cute for words. . .

This perfect version of a retro "ice cream parlor" set is the perfect size for a doll!
Even though I didn't paint or otherwise change this, I was compelled to include it here. I have this "need" to purchase doll furniture in addition to adult furniture and this was my "find" of the weekend!

It is available at On The Square Antiques and on eCrater.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All things bright. . .

and pink!

This precious child's rocker was painted courtesy of sweethomewherever. Featuring fun pink and purple flowers, it perfect for any little girl.

Child's rocker is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy Al and at eCrater for $32.

The cute little wicker doll carriage has been outfitted with hand stitched linens, The tiny pillow is accented with a vintage pearl button and a vintage pillowcase forms the sheet.

Available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL and at eCrater, the doll carriage is $30.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moving on. . .

My furniture is always "on the move"--either to new
apartments, new houses, college dorms/apartments.

This chest of drawers is moving to Tuscaloosa--The Unversity of Alabama!

The chest of drawers has been painted and distressed.
Anthropologie style fabric drawer pulls were added for interest.

The ornate wrought iron rocker is a weekend "find"--too cute not to included in the photo. The rocker is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL for $72.

Pillowcases. . .

aren't just for little girls.

This precious little daygown is a custom order for a newborn baby! Constructed from a vintage pillowcase, vintage buttons and lace add detail.

Other daygowns and pillowcase dress for little girls are available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why not. . .

paint it differently?

Even in a small city there are some people that crave "the unusual"--I supposed you could say I am one of those people. Why would you want to strip and stain every piece of furniture when there is paint in every color? Of course I use an inordinate amount of black and white paint but I do love color!
This small table had to lose its top layer of veneer due to water damage--I just added a dry-brushed coat of black paint and antiquing glaze to the top and it was ready to go!

Table is available for sale at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL and at Miss Hetties for $24.

Too far out. . .

in left field?

I just couldn't resist change--for the better I hope!

Anthropologie always has the most interesting furniture--I love all of their pieces and their store designs! Today I borrowed one of their ideas--different drawer pulls.

This vintage dresser has been painted black, distressed and accented with multiple styles of drawer pulls--all vintage! This piece can do double duty as a dresser/small chest in the bedroom, a buffet in the dining room, or a beautiful accent table in the foyer. It is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy, AL for $98.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mark it. . .


This vintage kitchen cabinet was painted black with a light cream interior. The doors still housed the original glass--imperfections and all! It makes a perfect small pie safe/casual china cabinet. This piece was a special order and it was delivered today to the excited owner! Hope you enjoy it Jennifer!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wild African Safari. . .

actually no--my display only turned out this way!

My latest re-do is a 5 drawer chest of drawers. I painted it green then decided to dry brush it with black. The green just wasn't perfect and the black accents made it more unusual!

The display included this wonderful "tribal" theme stool that I found at the latest estate sale. The leather covered animals are courtesy of a friend downsizing--they really "make" the display! If you look closely, a vintage globe sits atop the chest of drawers along with a beautiful gold frame.
Chest of drawers is $65 and is available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Looking out . . .

through the window

What better way to make your life brighter--a bright cheerful window! This vintage window has been hand painted with bright sunflowers--perfect!
Windows are available at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL and at

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