Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why not. . .

paint it differently?

Even in a small city there are some people that crave "the unusual"--I supposed you could say I am one of those people. Why would you want to strip and stain every piece of furniture when there is paint in every color? Of course I use an inordinate amount of black and white paint but I do love color!
This small table had to lose its top layer of veneer due to water damage--I just added a dry-brushed coat of black paint and antiquing glaze to the top and it was ready to go!

Table is available for sale at On The Square Antiques, Troy AL and at Miss Hetties for $24.


rhonda edgar said...

I found you on Flickr and followed the link to your blog. Wow! We have eerily similar styles! I love your shop displays. Beautiful blog, too!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Yes and yes!! You know, people get so stuck on stuff like , "This ugly thing belonged to my Aunt Esther and she'd roll over in her grave if I painted it." Even if it's an heirloom with "value," a piece is of no value if you can't use it or it doesn't fit in your decor. Paint is one of a repurposer's best friend! I say grab a brush and get going!! I'm looking forward to see what other ideas you have to share


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