Saturday, July 31, 2010

Go to green. . .

The latest project changed midway. . .

The desk was supposed to be black but my best laid plans are often changed. Once I began sanding I realized that this was destined to become another "scraped" look. So far I've had two other pieces of furniture that transitioned into this perfectly (A Treasure and Art Deco).

Desk is available at Troy Antiques, $78.

Cute and blue. . .

Small accent table in a wonderful blue--great for the beach or cottage. Available at Troy Antiques, $28.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mean green. . .

Just "chalk this up" to me wanting to be different.

I almost always paint in (off)white or (off)black--those colors seem to sell better/quicker--this time I had to be different! This wonderful old chest has been dry-brushed in green--yes, green. I think this gives it an "anthropologie" look and feel. The drawer pulls are fabric--I realize not everyone would understand this but really it's just another "anthro" trick.

Now why can't I sell to Anthropologie?

This chest can function in a bedroom as a dresser--in the den, to hold a television--on in a dining room as a buffet or sideboard.

Available at Troy Antiques, $138.

perfectly black. . .

another wonderful dressing table. . .on its way to Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama. . .
Great lines make this dressing table the perfect addition to a new apartment.
Already sold and delivered. . . enjoy!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Going home. . .

To a new family. . .

This chest of drawers has already been delivered. The great vintage chest was painted and distressed--a great look for today.

Friday, July 16, 2010

French Country at its best. . .

Clean. . .white. . .distressed. . .perfect in every way.

Small dressing table and chest of drawers is ready for your cottage, daughter's room, new apartment. . .anywhere. Small corner accent shelves complete the look.
Black distressed chair with animal print upholstered seat provides a contrast.

Available at Troy Antiques, Troy, AL.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

new moon. . .old moon. . .

No matter what you call this half-moon table it too sweet to ignore.

Cute, cottagey, shabby chic. . .no matter, it is a perfect accent table for either the cottage, baby or child's room,. . almost anywhere.
The small table has been white-washed and distressed giving it the perfect time worn look.
Available at Troy Antiques.

1970's reborn. . .owl season. . .

The owl has been reborn. . .or rather repurposed. . .
The green fabric with the wonderful owl applique was originally a ladies' vest from the 1970's. Tattered and torn, the "shredds" were given to me along with encouragement--"I'm certain you can make something out of this".

I knew I would make a pillow and the green toile seemed to be the perfect background. . .the orange border? It just matched the accent color on the owl.

So the pillow was born and is now available at Troy Antiques and in my Etsy shop.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cute and Cottagey. . .

The perfect rocker for your home, cottage, or even the new baby's room. . . The combined efforts of Miss Hettie's and Cottage and Cabin transformed the vintage platform rocker into a sweet creation. The white slipcover allows this rocker to move from room to room. Perfect for the new baby's room now or it can be used in a guest room later. . . Use your imagination.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Music anyone?

Yes, this great cabinet was once (in another life) a music cabinet, designed to hold 78's or "albums". I removed the dividing slats, repainted it inside and out, and changed the piece into an upcycled storage cabinet, for more than just music. Available at Troy Antiques for $65.

Hold your breath. . .

Weekend projects waiting. . .

I haven't yet quite decided what color to use--
possibly "my" white for one and color for at least one. I have some great zebra print fabric I'm anxious to use, so that may be the covering for the chair seat.

Stay tuned. . .hold your breath. . .wait and see. . .hopefully they will all be finished before Monday!

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