Monday, April 2, 2012

Why can't I. . .

be a "brand"?  About a week ago I decided that I "needed" (really just wanted) a (brand) label in my handmade items--I mean why not?  I sew bags, pillows, tablecloths and other items which I sell on Etsy.  When an item is purchased and shipped I am faithful to enclose a business card or two--hoping that the new owner will retain it for future reference--am I stupid?  Does anyone really "keep" business cards?  A label in the handmade item would be permanent--a way for the new owner to remember where she purchased the item and a way for her friends to find out (and hopefully come shopping with me too).
     So where do you locate personalized clothing labels?  On etsy of course!  I contacted Cassie at GutenTags and in 2 days my tags were shipped and I received them three days later.  She did a perfect job and was wonderful to work with!  She will have another order from me again soon.  Thanks Cassie!                                                                             

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Anonymous said...

Intrested in purchasing a personlized burlap chair cushion. I saw you have pillow covers on your web site. Could you make these into chair cushions with ties?
Email me at

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