Tuesday, March 20, 2012

from the trash pile. . .

I am sort of a "drive by" shopper.  I will cruise slowly by yard sales to eyeball the merchandise before stopping--I tend to do the same thing to trash piles.  Last Saturday I saw a bookcase, books, and a table base--unfortunately, my vehicle was packed with 2 coffee tables, an end table, and 4 chairs.  After I unloaded at the antique shop, I made a mad dash back to the "trash" I had seen--bookcase and books were already claimed and the table base was beyond repair. 
But down another street I saw this------->
Yes, it looks rough and you wonder why I could possibly want, or need, chair legs.  To be honest, I didn't know when I picked them up but I do see possibility in them.  They would make a great primitive/rustic plant stand--just sit your potted plant in the middle and the legs will "frame" the pot; remove the horizontal spindles and the others make great architectural salvage; or use the "legs" as a great photo prop.  And this is what I did!

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