Thursday, March 1, 2012

the hippie in me. . .

is coming out. . .This vintage afghan looked way too inviting  (and funky) when I discovered it.   My family just shakes their heads (collectively) when I bring home something random.  But you see I knew it would make the perfect photo. . .a photo to catch the buyer's eye. . .maybe an Anthro stylist (I can dream can't I?).  Regardless, the "granny square" afghan (or throw as we label then now) is ready to go home with a lucky person. . .sorry I can't supply the fence, field and trees to make a purchase complete.

1 comment:

The Dixie Gypsy said...

Although, I am not a fan of afghans, I do have to agree with you that it does make for a great pic :)

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