Monday, March 5, 2012

Here's the hippie again. . .

One day a dear friend handed me these "shreds" of fabric and said "I'm certain you will put this to good use."  Immediately I thought "garbage can" but when I examined the shreds further I realized they were the remains of an old hippie vest from the 1960's.  The vest originally had 2 crewl owl appliques and I could see "pillow" using the owls.
The first pillow sold immediately at the antique shop to a Chi Omega Sorority girl--owls are the mascot of the Chi O's and those girls are crazy over owls!  I decided to offer the last pillow on etsy.  The owl applique was carefully cut from the old vest and then stitch on a vintage style toile fabric.  The pillow is ready now to decorate your loft apartment, rustic cabin or your home.

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